Snettisham Parish Council

Snettisham is a pretty seaside village situated between Sandringham and Hunstanton. The village has excellent community spirit. We have 13 parish councillors who meet monthly. The parish council is very active and work very hard to keep the village looking wonderful with help from the many parishioners who are keen to be involved in village life.

The council operates as a number of Lead Councillor Support Groups, each with a lead councillor supported by 3 or 4 other councillors who have an interest in that subject area, who take responsibility for certain aspects of council business. The  Groups each have a fixed agenda item on every full Council agenda and report back to the full council at these meetings. Each lead councillor will give an update report to Council on their activities at each meeting, to include briefing councillors in respect of any decisions Council is required to make.  Finance is the responsibility of all councillors, under the leadership of the Responsible Finance Officer. The Standing Orders under which the council operates can be found here .

Parishioners are welcome to attend Parish Council meetings, normally held on the first Wednesday of every month.


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