Policies & Documents

Council has a set of rules and guidelines under which it operates. These are reviewed on a regular basis.

Current officially adopted policies and protocols are listed below:

Standing Orders
Financial Regulations
Code of Conduct

Accessibility Statement
Action Plan
Amenities Group Terms of Reference
CIL expenditure
Complaints Procedure
Data Protection
Disciplinary Procedure
Donations Policy
Email Protocol
Equal Opportunities Policy
Flag Policy
Freedom of Information Policy
General Contract
Grievance Policy
Lone Working Policy
Lone Working Policy – Risk Assessment
SR85 Pension Policy
Planning Policy
Planning Policy – addendum
Press Policy
Removal of Wood from the Common
Stress Management Policy
Stress Management Policy – addenda
Training Policy
Virtual Meetings
Amenities Committee Terms of Reference

Policies should be regularly reviewed, in the light of experience and changes in legislation and Council’s requirements.

Summary of Council policies shows recent reviews and the target dates by which policies should be reviewed/revised.

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