Full Council Meetings are held monthly at 6pm at the Memorial Hall and all members of the public are welcome to attend. If you would like the Council to consider an agenda item or you would like to discuss any Council business please contact the Clerk or one of your Councillors for further information. Details can be found on the Contact Us Page.

All agendas, minutes and associated papers where possible will be published on this page  further information is available through your Clerk.

Up-coming Full Council Meeting Dates:

14th February 2023

21st March 2023

11th April 2023

Full Council Meeting Documents:

10th January 2023 > Draft Minutes

20th December 2022 >  Minutes

8th November 2022 >  Minutes

11th October 2022 >  Minutes

27th September 2022 > Minutes

9th August 2022 >Minutes

12th July 2022 > Minutes

8th June 2022 > Minutes

17th May 2022 > Extraordinary meeting Minutes

10th May 2022 >  Minutes

12th April 2022 > Minutes

8th March 2022 > Minutes

2nd February 2022 >Minutes

12th January 2022 >Minutes

1st December 2021 > Minutes

3rd November 2021 > Minutes



Finance Committee Meeting Documents:

5th January 2022 > Informal Finance Briefing Notes

8th March 2022 > AGENDA

Personnel Committee Meeting Documents:

28th July 2022 > Agenda

6th January 2022 > DRAFT Minutes

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