Annual Parish Meeting

Each Parish is required to have an annual meeting for electors. This Annual Parish Meeting is distinct from the meetings of the Parish Council, though, if present, the Council Chair must preside. By law it must be held between 1st March and 1st June (inclusively). Matters raised at it should be brought, if appropriate, to Council for consideration. It is customary for there to be reports from local groups.

The next Parish Meeting is now in 2019. The agenda will be published nearer the date, and the exact date will appear here and in other locations in due course.

Minutes of recent Parish Meetings:
Draft minutes of 2018 meetingnote: these are not approved until the 2019 meeting

2017 – APM signed minutes
2016 – APM signed minutes
2015 – APM signed minutes
2014 – APM signed minutes
2013 – APM signed minutes
2012 – APM signed minutes

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