Village Diary

Due to present restrictions, it is unlikely that any of the meetings below will take place. I will leave the information as it is, so it is ready for when the lockdown finishes.

VILLAGE DIARY – link to document(25/6/20). This is an approximation as I have not been notified of all events that have been cancelled, or, indeed, which are definitely on. Please ask your groups contacts to start sending/confirming information once more!

At the Village Forum meeting on 23/10/19, many groups got together with the PC and it was agreed to set up a Village diary, to be as comprehensive as possible, in one location – so here it is! Part 1 is a listing of regular meetings below, and Part 2 a full list of individual events, linked above as a pdf.

Clearly this will be a work in progress for some time, but we have made a start. If you would like your event listed, please fill in an event form and return by email/hand to the Office. We would urge all groups to contact us, as there is no one place where all this information is available. We plan to update weekly, probably on Wednesday morning. Please note that we have not processed all the contact details as yet – these will be added when available.

Below are the regular meetings that we have been told about (or processed) so far – contact details & other info are on the Groups Page:

Day Frequency Time Group Where
Sun weekly 1045 Sunday Service – Hope Church Mem Hall
Sun weekly 1100 Worship – Salvation Army SA Hall
Mon weekly 1030 Come & Meet Each Other Club (60+) SA Hall
Tue weekly 0930 Art Group – 3hrs RBL Hall
Tue weekly 1000 CHAT Prayer Group SA Hall
Tue last Tues 1030 Bible Study SA Hall
Tue weekly 1800 Pilates – 1hr class RBL Hall
Tue weekly 1900 Band Practice – all brass players welcome SA Hall
Tue weekly 1915 Pilates – 1hr class RBL Hall
Wed Wks 1 & 3 1000 Walking Group Playing Field CP
Wed weekly 1400 Friendship Group SA Hall
Wed weekly 1615 Rainbows Church Hall
Wed weekly 1730 Pilates – 1hr class RBL Hall
Wed Wk 1 1900 Parish Council Mem Hall
Wed Wk 2 1900 Midi Group Meth Hall
Thu weekly 0930 Art Group – 3hrs RBL Hall
Thu weekly 1000 Coffee Morning SA Hall
Thu 3rd Thu 1300 Craft Group SA Hall
Thu 2nd Thu 1930 WI RBL Hall
Thu 3rd Thu 1930 Men’s Fellowship SA Hall

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