During the initial stages of the lockdown, Council was not able to operate properly. One of the provisions we made was that the Clerk would provide updates relating to these actions. These were recorded as, and adopted as, a formal minute – found on the minutes section under the Meetings tab.

However, there were general posts, which are no longer relevant in the news page. For information they are copied below:

Update (24/4/20 – p.m)

I have moved incoming information from other organisations (Police, Borough & County, Health Services etc) onto one page in a clearer format to help you find the latest info I have been sent. You can find this on the tab “COVID” above.

Council has not met since March, but new regulations do allow us to have virtual meetings, which have to be public as usual. Councillors have had a practice session, using Zoom, to allow us to get a feel of how things might work. If and when we use this, we will advertise the meeting and agenda in the usual way, and invite the public to contact us if they wish to attend, so we can send a link shortly before the meeting starts.

In the meantime, I continue to use my delegated powers, and actions/decisions taken are noted in the “minutes” section. For your information I have sent councillors the latest payments for approval, and these will be included in that section for public record.

Update (30/3/20 – p.m.) – edited

Huge thanks from everyone to the Support Group set up by volunteers within the Village. This leaflet gives details of what is being done, and how to contact the Group.

There is a large amount of information coming forward about what to do to stay safe, and current restrictions. To be honest it is easier to access the information on the Government portal, as it will then be up to date. [As above, other information is now on a new page]

I have also posted notes covering the “non-meeting meeting” which was to occur on 24th. This in the minutes section.

Finally a plea not to use Parish Council bins for the foreseeable future – especially not for domestic waste!

Update (24/3/20 – a.m.)

Following yesterday’s announcement by the PM, the Office is now totally closed, and I am operating from home, though I do not have access to everything.

The Council meeting we had planned for this evening has been called off, as gatherings are not permitted; even though we would have been outdoors, it would have been irresponsible.
Since the law has not caught up with the situation, I have to explain that I already have certain powers delegated to me, but ordinarily everything else has to be agreed by Council, and in person. Due to the fact that we cannot meet to ratify further delegation, I have asked Councillors to approve those things that the meeting was for by email. This is as near as we can get to correct procedure, and is what other parishes are doing, and in line with advice from outside agencies. Those of you who know me will appreciate that I am a little OCD about trying to get things as correct as possible, given history in the Village…

Once this is formally agreed, any actions I take under those extended powers will be notified on our website.

As I have stated many times, I do not, as matter of course, post on the Village facebook page, and do not monitor responses there. Please “like” the PC page and you will get anything I add in coming days. Also note that our own page is not for general chit-chat but for information.

As I cannot currently receive snail-mail or phone calls, please contact me by email or message me from the PC facebook page. Excuse any delay while I am getting set up here. Also note that I probably have no more information than you do. Also the Borough and County are scaling back their work, so anything they need to do might be delayed.

Finally, there is a Community Group which has been set up. This is not organised by the PC, though there are some members common to both. You will understand that Council only has two employees – I am not in the Village and Marian is not currently working; many of the Councillors themselves are in risk groups, and therefore Council cannot take an active part – procedurally it would be pretty near impossible. However, one of the provisions I have included is to support groups with funding if necessary, and facilities (when available).

I hope this explains things, and I will continue you with updates as required.

Simon – Clerk

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