Consultation Responses

Council believes that it should reply to as many consultations as possible – if we do not express a view on behalf of the Village, we may lose a chance to influence decisions. Over time we have responded to many formal consultations from a variety of organisations. Occasionally, when other issues of concern arise, Council writes to the relevant authority to express those concerns.

Over time we intend to publish as many of these as possible. This will give you an insight into Council policies and views, but also show that we are trying to present strong arguments on behalf of parishioners. It will also show that, unfortunately, those views sometimes make little difference to the final deliberations of outside bodies, but we have had some notable successes, and believe it is in all our interests to continue to have our say.

AugustTo Police and Crime Commissioner, re amalgamation of fire and police services
AugustTo House of Lords Select Committee on Seaside Regeneration
AprilTo Norfolk County Council on Public Rights of Way
DecemberTo Norfolk County Council Budget Consultation
SeptemberTo Norfolk County Council on its Strategic Framework Consultation
NovemberTo HMG on Precept Referendums etc.

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