Annual Parish Meeting

Each Parish is required to have an annual meeting for electors. This Annual Parish Meeting is distinct from the meetings of the Parish Council, though, if present, the Council Chair must preside. By law it must be held between 1st March and 1st June (inclusively). Matters raised at it should be brought, if appropriate, to Council for consideration. It is customary for there to be reports from local groups.

We had planned to have a brief meeting at the end of May, simply to fulfil the legal requirement to have such a meeting in the required time frame. The original coronavirus legislation dealt with Parish Council meetings, but did not remove the need to have the APM, a separate entity.

Given rules from the Government banning people from meeting (albeit at a distance) more than one other person, even outdoors, such a meeting could clearly not happen. We will be arranging an Ordinary Parish Meeting once residents can meet in a reasonably normal environment, as the rules regarding virtual meetings do not apply here. This will therefore have to take on the function of the Annual meeting, and there will still be an Annual Meeting in March-May 2021.

For information only, here is the proposed agenda of the cancelled meeting.

Minutes of recent Parish Meetings:
Draft 2019 minutes, with reportsnote: these are not approved until the 2020 meeting

2018 – APM signed minutes
2017 – APM signed minutes
2016 – APM signed minutes
2015 – APM signed minutes
2014 – APM signed minutes
2013 – APM signed minutes
2012 – APM signed minutes

Who to contact

With three levels of local government it can be difficult to establish where to go if you have a question. Though we are always happy to help, it can be much easier to contact the Borough and County directly if it is one of their issues. This list will be added to as time passes.


Which Council to contact

Bus Shelters Parish
Bus Stops County
Dog Bins Parish
Dogs – barking, fouling, strays Borough
Fly-tipping Borough
Footpaths County
Hedges – overgrown County
Highway Problems County
Parking – obstruction Police 101
Parking – on double yellows etc Borough
Play Areas – Memorial Hall & Lodge Walk Parish
Play Areas – Poppyfields Borough
Street Signs (direction posts) County
Street Signs (street names) Borough
Street Lights (Lynn Rd) County

Street Lights (elsewhere)


Public Consultation & Providing Information

All councils are required to consult with members of the public, in a variety of ways. Although we obviously cannot accede to every request, we are required to consider them, and respond promptly and courteously.

We believe we exceed the requirements for consulting and informing the public.

To that end we regularly operate the following:

Open Office time – 10-12 on Monday and Thursdays
Councillor Surgeries – last Wednesday of the month, 2pm -3 or (3.30) at the Old Bank, Market Square
Annual Open Meetings, in the Spring. At these we present a summary of Council activities and projects, as well as offering the opportunity for local groups to present displays and meet the Public. The next one is likely to coincide with the Annual Parish Meeting.
Public are welcome at our Full Council and Support Group meetings.
In the event of a major project by an outside organisation we offer time before our meetings for public presentations (e.g. with the Solar Farm)
Each edition of the TORC contains a summary of Council news from the last four months.
We have a facebook page which provides information and allows comments on Council posts, as well as providing another way to contact Council.
For certain issues (e.g. currently those dealing with the Common, WWI centenary commemoration and others) we encourage members of the Public to join Councillors on Working Groups to develop plans.

In addition we have consulted on other important issues over the last few years, notably the Beach Footpath, the Silica Sand proposals by NCC and, most recently, our Neighbourhood Plan (questionnaires and public meetings). The Office is in contact with many Village Groups, and we encourage them to use Council resources to promote their activities.

Should we fail to meet the standards expected by the Public, they have the right to complain – see elsewhere for details. Employees are bound by their contracts and relevant disciplinary procedures, and councillors by the Code of Conduct.

As well as encouraging parishioners to raise issues with us, Council believes it has a duty to respond to consultation by outside bodies. Over time, we will add the correspondence we have had on matters such as boundary reviews, Wash Flood Defence funding, silica sand proposals, changes to policing and other important matters.

Agenda and Minutes

Agendas for our usual Wednesday meetings are published at the latest on the Friday before the meeting to comply with legislation, and can be found in the table below. The next Full Council will be on 7th October, again to be conducted using Zoom.

Draft minutes are not an official record until they are approved at the following ordinary or annual meeting; changes may be made and included on the draft presented at the meeting. The latest draft minutes are now available – draft minutes – 2/9/20

Approved signed copies of recent minutes are shown below. [Minutes of previous Council years have been moved to an archive page under the Meetings tab.]
2020-08-05 virtual
2020-07-01 virtual
2020-05-28 virtual egm

Full dates for meetings for 2020/21 are now available, though there is still some uncertainty over times and methods. If listed here, they will be regarded as Ordinary meetings, rather than EGMs. 20/21 meeting dates

Current and recent agendas:

2020-09-02 2020-08-05 2020-07-01
2020-05-28 2020-03-24* 2020-03-04 2020-02-05 2020-01-08

Meeting marked with a star did not take place.

Previous agendas are also available:
2019-20 agendas to December only
2018-19 agendas
2017-18 agendas
2016-17 agendas
2015-16 agendas