Co-option Notice

2021-20-12 co-option

Previous News

Youth Club updated 6/21
Council has agreed to start a Youth Club in the Village. This is now planned to start on August 10th, and will take place each Tuesday at 4.30pm – further details available very soon.

Audit 2020-21
The Audit paperwork has been sent to the External Auditor – all info is on the Finance and Audit page under Documents.

Village Sign updated 5/21
You may have seen the refurbished Village sign, which was unveiled on Sunday 20th September. Unfortunately there were problems and it is back with the contractor. Our thanks to the W.I., Village Sign People and ABC for their help with this.
Village Sign

Market Square updated 05/21
Council has agreed to consider plans for the Market Square, with a view to considering how this might be improved. We will soon be sending round a consultation to all residents to get your views on the proposals.

New Councillor
At our April meeting Kevin Penty was co-opted to fill the remaining place on Council; we welcome him and wish him well. His details and photo are now online, along with those of all other Cllrs, on the Cllrs tab above.

Budget and Precept
Council has set its budget, and the precept required, for next year. Details are available on the Finance pages.

Christmas Lights at the Church
The lights at the Church were much appreciated by all, and Council has awarded a £500 grant to the Church/Friends of St Mary’s help defray the costs. It was also agreed to help again next year should they be repeated.

Ken Hill Rewilding
Dominic Buscall gave a presentation on the latest news on this project at our August meeting. He has kindly provided us with these slides with information for the Public. Ken Hill rewilding information. There is more information at their website: Wild Ken Hill website (opens in new window). You may also have seen Ken Hill as the base for this year’s Springwatch series on the BBC.


September 2019 – Council Plan 2019-2023

Council has recently agreed to a plan for the next four years, which is to be made public. It is now available on this site under “Documents” above.

November 2018 – Neighbourhood Plan

A decisive majority voted in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan being adopted, and it is now officially adopted. Council would like to thank all those who supported this both at the referendum and over the period of the Plan’s development. Please visit the link above to see the full plan.

Silica sand extraction

Important information about proposed silica sand extraction in the village can be found at

If you wish to submit a written comment to the Borough Council a sample letter of objection can be found here

Silica Sand public letter from the Parish Council

Snettisham Common

Norfolk Wildlife Trust have conducted a survey of Snettisham common, and have concluded that the site is of some interest and importance. Work needs to be undertaken to conserve the geological interest of the old Sand Pit area and to restore some of the remaining area to heathland . The Parish Council is in discusion with NWT about future management and conservation of the site. Some details of NWT findings are in the following reports.

Snettisham Common Management Plan 2013

Snettisham Common
Geoconservation Prospects