Annual Parish Meeting

Each Parish is required to have an annual meeting for electors. This Annual Parish Meeting is distinct from the meetings of the Parish Council, though, if present, the Council Chair must preside. By law it must be held between 1st March and 1st June (inclusively). Matters raised at it should be brought, if appropriate, to Council for consideration. It is customary for there to be reports from local groups.

We had planned to have a brief meeting at the end of May, simply to fulfil the legal requirement to have such a meeting in the required time frame. The original coronavirus legislation dealt with Parish Council meetings, but did not remove the need to have the APM, a separate entity.

Given rules from the Government banning people from meeting (albeit at a distance) more than one other person, even outdoors, such a meeting could clearly not happen. We will be arranging an Ordinary Parish Meeting once residents can meet in a reasonably normal environment, as the rules regarding virtual meetings do not apply here. This will therefore have to take on the function of the Annual meeting, and there will still be an Annual Meeting in March-May 2021.

For information only, here is the proposed agenda of the cancelled meeting.

Minutes of recent Parish Meetings:
Draft 2019 minutes, with reportsnote: these are not approved until the 2020 meeting

2018 – APM signed minutes
2017 – APM signed minutes
2016 – APM signed minutes
2015 – APM signed minutes
2014 – APM signed minutes
2013 – APM signed minutes
2012 – APM signed minutes

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