Information about the May Local Elections (Borough and Parish) is becoming available. This may help you if you are considering standing for the Parish Council.

November 2018 – Neighbourhood Plan

A decisive majority voted in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan being adopted, and it is now officially adopted. Council would like to thank all those who supported this both at the referendum and over the period of the Plan’s development. Please visit the link above to see the full plan.

November 2018 – World War I Centenary Commemoration

The commemoration held on November 11th was a great success, and was covered extensively on TV and in the press. Council would like to thank all of those groups and individuals who helped ensure that the day provided a fitting culmination to an extraordinary year. We will shortly be announcing the sums raised for the two charities, the Poppy Appeal and Scotty’s Little Soldiers.

There was an official launch on Thursday 22nd February in St Mary’s Church. A website has been created to provide information about the ongoing project – please visit it here, where you can make donations.

Visits have taken place to Canada and to Europe, where, as at St Mary’s, sprigs of lavender and rosemary in a Torc (representing the Village) were laid, along with letters from elected officials and schoolchildren. These moving ceremonies have made an impact on all involved, including the one at the Sailing Club on 22nd September, to remember Harold Meek, the only one of the 45 who died at sea. Most recently the same procedure was adopted on our behalf by British Forces in Gaza, and the final visit was made on November 6th to Berlin.

November 2018 – TORC Newsletter

The latest edition has been produced and should have been delivered to each address in the Village. This is also now online here – please visit the Newsletter Page. If you have not received a copy, there is a link there for reporting that.

September 2018 – New Councillors

We welcome Emma Carey and Hazel Platt as new members and wish them well.

September 2018 – Annual Audit

The Annual Audit process is now complete. Please see the finance and audit page for the relevant documentation.

Western Shore Team Benefice

From January 2018 the Parish Office has been helping St Mary’s by acting as a location for contacting the Benefice in Snettisham. Parochial (i.e. Church) matters can be brought up with Penny Taylor (Team Administrator) in person at the Office, e.g. Baptism, Wedding and Funeral arrangements. This will be on Mondays from 10-12, and you can contact her here by phone (but, please, only during that time). The Church email is, though there should be a specific Snettisham one shortly.

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