Neighbourhood Plan

After much work by the Team, we have now presented the Neighbourhood Plan to the Borough for them to process the final stages.

This is now out for public consultation from the Borough – please see the official notice.

There is a raft of paperwork which is available here as our submission version – listed below with explanations:

Snettisham NP neighbourhood plan – this is the actual Neighbourhood Plan itself, including the proposed policies, and reference to other documents.

Snettisham NP consultation statement – this lists all the consultation we did in the production of the Plan, and how we reacted to it in order to produce the final version.

Snettisham NP basic conditions statement – explaining the rules under which the Plan was developed, and how we believe we have met them.

Snettisham NP screening report for sea and hra – this is the document in which the Borough informed us we need to have the SEA and HRA which are available below.

Snettisham NP habitats regulations assessment – the document which deals with the effects of the Plan on the local natural environment, in particular dealing with designated areas locally.

Snettisham NP strategic environmental assessment – scoping report – an account of what things we must consider under a Strategic Environmental Assessment when developing the Plan.

Snettisham NP strategic environmental assessment – the Assessment of the Plan under the scope of the above SEA report.

The Borough must now proceed with its formal role, beginning with the consultation above, and, we hope, a prompt return for the Referendum in which all electors in the Village have a vote. 50% of those voting plus one vote will make this document Planning law for the Parish, so it is really important that residents keep well-informed and involved.

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